WHHA Section 8/HCV program is currently closed to new applicants

Contact Information
West Haven Housing Authority Section 8/HCV Program
23B Glade Street, West Haven, CT 06516
(T) 203-934-8671 / (F) 203-937-0306
EMail : Section8@westhavenhousing.org

Director of Leased Housing
Elizabeth McManus : emcmanus@westhavenhousing.org

Inspection Office

Tenant Coordinator Assignment for CURRENT Participants
Last name is A – Gon., K : Contact Zuri Harris at zharris@westhavenhousing.org
Last name is Gon., l – Nuc. : Contact Cindy Carone at ccarrone@westhavenhousing.org
Last name Nud. – Z : Contact Jo Rivera at jrivera@westhavenhousing.org

Portability Information

Housing Choice vouchers are accepted by cities across the country, giving families real choice about where they live. As with any move, you must give your current housing authority and your landlord a written 30-day notice. However, depending on your lease, your landlord may require up to a 60-day notice. A mutual rescission may also be required. Contact your current housing agency to have your paperwork sent to the WHHA. Once you find an apartment in West Haven, have the Request for Tenancy Approval (you can find this form under “forms) completed by your new landlord and contact your new tenant coordinator at the WHHA.

Every housing authority has its own rules, regulations and deadlines. Contact the WHHA to get this information. Fair Market Rent limits or payment standards may be different. The utility allowances for the WHHA may be different and may affect the rent amount you pay. Subsidy standards may be different. A different voucher will be issued to you. The new housing authority may change the size of your voucher. When you move, the WHHA will re-verify your income. Occupancy standards may be different.


Request to Move Click Here

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Change of Income Click Here

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What is the Housing Choice Voucher Program?
The Housing Choice Voucher Program was formerly known as the Section 8 Program. It is a federally subsidized rental assistance program, monitored by the U. S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). The program provides rental assistance to low-income families in privately owned housing units.

Who is eligible to apply for assistance in the Housing Choice Voucher Program?

Any adult 18 years of age and older that meets the income guidelines and has a social security number is eligible to apply for assistance.

How do I participate in the Housing Choice Voucher Program?
As vouchers become available, the WHHA will invite applicants from our waiting list and screen them for eligibility. Families who meet the income guidelines and pass a criminal background check are issued vouchers. The voucher allows them to have a portion of their rent paid by WHHA and the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).

Are you currently taking applications for assistance?
No, we are not currently taking new applications for assistance. We will advertise in the major media outlets when we start accepting new applications for assistance.

What do I do if I want to move?
Only participants in good standing will be eligible to move with their voucher. Please see above under “forms” and complete the Section 8 Request to Move form and submit this completed form to your tenant coordinator. Please make sure that the proper notice has been given to your landlord and a copy of this is submitted with the form.

Contact Information

West Haven Housing Authority
Mailing Address: 15 Glade Street West Haven, CT 06516
Walk-In Inquiries for Public Housing & Sect. 8 /HCV: 23B Glade Street, West Haven, CT 06516
Sect. 8/HCV & Public Housing General Email: Click Here
Tel: 203-934-8671
TTD/TTY: 1-800-545-1833 ext 901
Main Office Fax: 203-937-5788
Section 8 & Public Housing Fax: 203-937-0306

Office Hours

Monday-Friday : 8:30am - 4:30pm

Mailing Address: 15 Glade Street West Haven, CT 06516

Please note the Public Housing and the Section 8 main offices are closed daily from 12:30pm – 1:30pm and are closed to the public every Thursday.

TD/TTY: 1-800-545-1833
Section 8 Fax: 203-937-0306


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